Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steps to Install Windows 7 in Virtualbox

Information of virtualbox software click here.Information of Windows 7 click here.Information of steps to install virtualbox in windows click here.To download Windows 7 RC click here.

Virtualbox is the best alternative to try out the new Microsoft Windows 7 in the safe way.
These are the steps to install Windows 7 in virtualbox.(Windows 7 as guest)

Open up virtualbox that you have installed

click next

configure your OS name and OS type

configure the amount of RAM needed by the guest operating system(Windows 7 required minimum of 1G of RAM,but 512MB still can run).Windows 7 required minimum of 16GB hard disk to run.

click next

choose the hard disk storage type(choose dynamically expending storage)

click finish

a virtual machine is created in virtualbox.Now click on setting on the virtualbox user interface a windows like this will pop up.This window shows the information of your virtual machine.Tick "enable 3D acceleration",Then click OK.

Start the virtual machine and click next.

browse the Windows 7 ISO file the you have downloaded or loaded by DVD.Click next.

click next.

Windows 7 will start to install on your virtual machine.Please choose "custom" when install Windows 7.After finished install Windows 7...

type your name...

product key...get it from here if you dun have one

click use recommended settings

set the date and time

configure your network setting

You are required to activate your Windows 7 within 30 days ater you have installed it.Windows 7 RC will expire on June 1 2012 and start from March 1 2010,Windows 7 will shut down every 2 hours.To download Windows Live Essentials click here.

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