Friday, October 31, 2008

Windows Media Player 11 and how-to tips

Windows Media Player 11 is an application used to manage,hear,enjoy your music anytime.Media Player 11 is pre-installed at every Windows Vista OS.XP user can download it from
You can also apply various type or skin and visualizations to Windows Media Player,making your player nicer and prettier.Rip and burns song in Windows Media Player 11 also made easy.

To download skin>>

To download visualizations>>

There are some tips when using media player.

1) When adding album art please follow this steps (right click a song in your music library>advanced tag editor>pictures tab>add>find the file you want to add>hit ok).Please dun straight away paste the album art to the cd picture,this is because the resolution of the album art will be very low.If you have iTune and you are using the cover flow function,the album art will be very blur.

2)When you do not know about the song information you have,you can (right click the song in your music librarty>find album info).

3)You can change the way of the time display by clicking the time in media player.

4)When searching song at the search bar in media player,click the drop down button to filter the search result by artists or album.

Enjoy yourself with your media stuff with WMP11^^

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