Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Customize XP to Vista

Windows Vista released at the early of 2007.This OS have a pretty and new interface.What to do if you still stick with XP but want the beautifull function of Vista?These software can help you^^

1)BicroPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2(Vista looks)

This software gives you the look of Vista with changed icon,visual styles but does not give the function of sidebar,flip3D,transparency.You can download this software from this web site

to uninstall>>go to add/remove program then uninstall it^^

This software has been downloaded almost 9000000 times in the beginning of November 2008 at crystalxp.net

Enjoy looking 'Windows Vista'^^

2)Winflip (Windows Flip 3D)

This software give you the Vista Flip3D effect.You can download this software from http://winflip.stylekings.de/

Windows Vista Home Basic user also can try this,I have installed also^^

after you downloaded it,extract the folder>>open a folder at hard disk C and named it Winflip>>copy all those file in the extracted folder and paste it in the hard disk folder you just opened>>double click WinFlip icon>>click run>>(hole start+tab button)

To exit WinFlip,right click the WinFlip icon at the taskbar and click exit.

enjoy flipping^^


Gives the effect of transparency windows like in Windows Vista Premium,Business and Ultimate.You can download it at http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.id.5139-truetransparency-lefreut-explorer-tools.htm

This software has been downloaded almost 1,000,000 times in the beginning of November 2008 at crystalxp.net

You can also add skin on the TrueTransparency to make it more nicer.

Vista Basic looked skin>>


Added colour looked skin>>


Aero effect skin(most pretty)>>


To exit TrueTransparency,open task manager(right click the taskbar and click task manager),and find TrueTransparency then end process it.

Enjoy transparency-ing^^

4)These following applications gives the function of Windows Live Preview in Windows Vista.

a) Visual Task Tips>>

You can download it at


Suitable for WinXP and WinVista Home Basic(Home Premuim and others already got this function)

b)Visual Tooltip>>

You can download it at


This software has been downloaded about 620,000 times in the beginning of November 2008 at crystalxp.net(more than visual task tips).However,based the information provided at crystalxp.net,Visual Tooltip only suitable for WinXP.

5)These following applications give the function of Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista.

a)Vista Rainbar V4>>

You can download it from


Runs on both WinXP and WinVista.

b)Google Desktop>>

Contains Mac,Linux and Windows versions.You can download it from


Making Windows XP looks like Windows Vista actually not that hard.

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Acid said...

whoaa...nice article you have here..have try rocketdock on your XP ? my desktop look really nice when i use the rocketdock, winflip, and the visual tooltip... :D