Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shock Desktop,a new 3D desktop icon view

Feel that the icon at you desktop not very cool?Feel your desktop very empty after using ObjectDock or Rocket Dock?Want to try some cool software?
Shock Desktop is suitable to you.
Shock Desktop is a freeware that can makes your see your icon in various shape or even in 3D way.

Shock Desktop can let you see your icon in various of shape such as love,triangle,circle and more...
Shock Desktop also can let you see your icon in 3D transformation.

Suitable for Win 2000,2003,XP and Vista.The installer only 2.8MB large(.exe file).Uses about 40MB RAM(so much...) in my pc(Vista) when it is running.

Shock Desktop download link>
When downloaded just install it(very fast) and you can start your 3D desktop icon world^^

This is the looks of Shock Desktop when running on my pc.


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Tamara said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing!