Monday, November 10, 2008

Windows Vista Sleep and Hibernate

Sleep and Hibernate are the shutdown function that provided in Windows Vista.Both function restore the last state on your computer without booting up.There are differences between Sleep and Hibernate.

Sleep>All data in RAM is still kept and system is place in stand-by mode, which can be woke up and used almost immediately.When the system is in sleep mode,internet connection is cut.Please do not switch off the power when system is in sleep mode,this is consider as improper shutdown and recommended to boot system as safe mode then restart again.

Hibernate>Almost same with Sleep,but when user wants to use the system again,the system loads back the applications and state before hibernation.Hibernation is faster than reboot and when system is in hibernation state,no electricity is needed,means that user can switch of the power.The disadvantage of Hibernate is that after a period of time, there may have fragmentation of file.Users will need to defragment the volume that stores the hibernation file frequently.

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