Thursday, November 13, 2008

Minor Problem in Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta and How To Fix It

  • If you sign in to Messenger on a computer for the first time while you’re already signed in on another computer, an incorrect display picture may be set. To fix this, click your display picture and then select the display picture you want.
  • If your display picture contains “&” in the file name, the picture won’t be available on any computers other than the computer on which you set the picture.
  • You won’t be able to sign in to Messenger on a computer where you’re logged in as an NT Guest User. You’ll receive error 810000306.
  • If you change your status to “Appear offline” and then back to “Online” after using certain online activities that involve interaction with a contact (such as PhotoShare or Webcam), you may not be able to start another online activity. To resolve this problem, sign out of Messenger, and then sign in again.
  • Live Call will be temporarily unavailable in U.S. markets. When it’s available, it will be enabled automatically.
  • Source from Microsoft.

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