Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta

Messenger 2009 is now available for free download.It has a new fresh looks and some new function.
You can change your scene anytime to various type of image like this...

There is a (What's New) tab below the contact list.With this you can know the updates about your contacts anytime.
The status of contact also change to colour only>
You can also change the sound (signature sound) when you online,means that your contact can hear different sound from you when you online.You can import sound(song) from your pc also.Cool is zit?
The Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta require higher screen resolution,if not,you could see only a few contacts only because of some new stuff.
To download>
The real version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 is expected to be released on February 10 next year.

Enjoy^ ^

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