Friday, November 21, 2008

Firefox 3.1 Beta Review/New Function/Problem

Firefox 3.1 Beta is now available for download at

The new function in Firefox 3.1 Beta are:
  • Web standards improvements in the Gecko layout engine
  • Added support for CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 properties
  • A new tab-switching shortcut that shows previews of the tab you’re switching to
  • Improved control over the Smart Location Bar using special characters to restrict your search
  • Support for new web technologies such as the
  • 3 times faster than Firefox 3.0.
  • Added the tab tearing function as in Google Chrome.
The final version of Firefox 3.1 is expected will release at the end of 2008.

Problem/Known Issues in Firefox 3.1 Beta:
All Systems
  • Certain client certificates will fail to install when downloaded from a CA.
  • The “Feed” tab is not present in the page info window.
  • Preferences set using the page info window do not work properly.
Microsoft Windows
  • In some cases, the migration dialog will not launch after successfully installing Firefox for the first time.
Mac OS X
  • On PPC Macs, viewing a Ogg video, displayed in a
Linux and Unix
  • Long pages can render incorrectly.

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