Monday, November 10, 2008

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Windows Vista SP2 is currently under development and will be released before Windows 7.
Vista SP2 to has made improvement to Windows Vista under performance, operating speed, reliability and stability.This means that user can experience faster boot time and a more stable OS.Windows Vista Service Pack 1 must be installed to install service pack 2.

Windows Vista SP2 contains the following feature>>
-Windows Search 4.0,user can search their document or file faster.Windows Search 4.0 can be downloaded through windows update.

-Bluetooth 2.1 Feature Pack supporting the most recent specification for Bluetooth Technology.

-Ability to record data on to Blu-Ray media natively in Windows Vista.

-Windows Connect Now(WCN) to simplify Wi-Fi configuration.

-Enables the exFat file system to support UTC timestamps,which allows correct file synchronization across time zones.

-Support for ICCD/CCID smart cards.

-Improved support for resuming with active Wi-Fi connections.

-Support for VIA 64-bit CPUs.

Same like Windows XP SP2,Vista SP2 will made many improvements.Want Vista or wait for Seven?You decide it^^

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